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AAF National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)

Regional First Place Recipients

Ocean Spray asked us to make them relevant to millennials.

So we wondered...

How we could revamp this brand and reintroduce it to millennials in a strong and positive way? 

Through our research, we discovered that Ocean Spray has been innovating

the juice industry since its beginnings in 1930; from creating the Craisin and bog-flooding system,

to introducing the juice box to the United States. 

We also discovered that Ocean Spray has self-proclaimed its cranberry,

the Wonderberry, to encapsulate its countless health benefits. 

These insights led to our big idea.

Now that we had our big idea, it was time to bring it to life. To start, we modernized their current logo, while highlighting

the brand's year of establishment within it, and making sure it would still be recognized as Ocean Spray.

We also created new, eco-friendly bottles using plant-based plastic and half-sized caps. The colored collars around the bottles

will make the wide variety of juices easily distinguishable. All Ocean Spray Products will take on this new, updated design.

Bog to Store

Our in-store extensions will offer millennials an interactive shipping experience that will make the Ocean Spray

brand top-of-mind, and bring their products into the customer's consideration set.

Our video content starts by introducing Ocean Spray's Wonderberry to the world.

We also highlighted Ocean Spray's history of innovation and sustainability.

With our last piece of video content, we turned to Ocean Spray's strong and positive association with Thanksgiving.

But we wondered, why do so many only give back during the Holiday season? And how could we use our product, a

Thanksgiving staple, to make a lasting change outside of the season of giving?

We translated our message to social media...

...and beyond.

We created exclusive "Fuel Your Wonder" refrigerated juice machines and reusable bottles that participants

will use to take home their favorite Ocean Spray juice blends, or create their own

Ocean Spray will introduce these machines when they sponsor National Cleanup Day. 

These machines will also be present at events that encourage innovation, such as SXSW and FutureFest,

as well as at the Boston Marathon, to enhance Ocean Spray's current sponsorship of the event.

Wonder Makes Waves is a testimonial for Ocean Spray and everything it stands for.

Our campaign will position Ocean Spray in a fresh new way that appeals to millennials

but is appreciated by all ages.

Most importantly, Wonder Makes Waves will make a difference.


Because at the end of the day, progress begins with wonder.

And wonder begins with you.

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