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ad council Sexual Assault Campaign

THE ASK: make consent a mandatory before any sexual interaction

Every sexual assault starts with an unwanted touch.


Start asking for it.


Hands are capable of so many things. They can express hello or goodbye.

They can show support or disappointment. They can work alone but are so much more powerful when joined together. Together they can stop sexual assault. Hands can protect you, but they can also harm another. Even friends have their boundaries, obey them. control your hands, and let's take a stand against sexual assault.

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take the pledge

Start asking for it is a movement aimed to invite college students to understand that sexual assault starts with an unwanted touch. The only way to be sure you aren't committing sexual assault is to start asking for it before engaging in any sexual activity. Asking is the only way to know someone's boundaries before you try to explore them.

By signing this petition, college students pledge to never place their hands on another person without their consent, to know and respect the sexual boundaries of my friendships, and to lend a hand in stopping sexual assault. 


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