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Saatchi & Saatchi: New Directors' Showcase
Host: Saatchi & saatchi

This showcase was so cool! This show has a reputation for unearthing the new directors of tomorrow as part of Saatchi & Saatchi's commitment to supporting emerging directors and spotlighting the very best in creative talent. Here is a list of them and links to those I liked a lot, but they are all amazing. 

1. Snapchat Story: Cracked Screen - Trim Lamba

2. Lil Dicky 'Pillow Talking'

​3. Radiohead 'I Promise' - Michal Marczak

4. One Week in April - Mathew Palmer

​5. CoinciDANCE - James Manzello

6. Johanna: Under the Sea - Ian Derry

7. The Blaze ~ Territory - Jonathon Albric

8. Facelift - Steve Smith

9. The Cowboy Prayer - Mollie Mills

10. Wednesday with Goddard - Nicolas Ménard

11. Domestic Policy - Alicia Macdonald

​12. Material World - Anna Ginsburg

13. Gospel - A.V. Rockwell​​​​​​​​​

14. ABC of Death - Dorian & Daniel

15. Klyne 'Don't Stop' - Holly Blakey

16. Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' - Ryan Staake

17. Elton John 'Rocket Man' - Stephen McNally & Majid Adid

18. Medicine - Salomon Lighthelm

19. Bonobo 'No Reason' - Oscar Hudson

20. Afternoon Class - Seoro Oh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Mutating Creative 
Host: The Mill
Speakers: Carl Addy (CD for Mill+ at The Mill)

Carl Addy suggests getting rid of the lineal career, you need to be able to change shape. Tear down the barriers on what you do for a living. You need to be comfortable being lots of things. Job titles are getting blurred. Company's need to adapt to the mutants. You are the best you can be if you love what you're doing. Find a way to be in your own lens. 

When going across multiple platforms you should express that brand in different ways. You need creativity to mold. Collaborations are not taught, be respectful of the vision, always give credit.


Motives: purpose over paycheck. How can you keep up with an abundance of beautiful images? It is so important to be relevant.  


Being boring = selling out

Don't treat anything like a hobby, you won't give it enough space to grow. React with your gut. It is all about speed, trust, and communication.

Understanding Brands Through Fans
Host: Troika
Speakers: Susan Krensnicka (Cultural Anthropologist and Consultant for Troika)

Understand fans authentically using a variety of methodologies.

​Most people are fans of something. 49% of the time, fans rated themselves as the biggest fans of all time. This is not a casual business, there is no such thing as a casual fan. One thing in common with all fans: love of OOF. 

Object of Fandom = OOF

entertainment 24%

  • sports 33%

  • music 12%

  • hobbies 8%

  • technology 3%

  • "other" 10% 

When the OOF is more unique the fans feel more connected to each other. Some say love at first sight.

Efangelizing is converting people to fans. And dans do more, and get more out of it (looking forward to it). Fandom is about being a part of something bigger.  Fandom fulfills core human needs and gives you an emotional high, and lows. It facilitates new relationships, strengthens existing relationships, and engages with like-minded people. 

Your needs need to be related to your identity. Envision who you want to be (future self). Know who you are and what you stand for. You can't make more fans like you can't make 2 people fall in comes down to who you are. A lifestyle brand is the effect of identity. These choices create patterns that can be studied in the market place. You don't want a lifestyle brand, you want an identity brand.


Focus on Avid Fans, they want you to succeed and they fuel R.O.I.

Respect the fan-brand relationship: communicate effectively, trust, relationship 101

Re-Imagining Superheroes: What Can Wonder Woman Teach Us About Female Leadership? 
Host: The Female Quotient 
Speakers: Jennifer DaSilva (President of Berlin Cameron), Lisa Sun (Founder & CEO of Project Gravitas), Terrence Morash (CD for Shutterstock), Madeline Di Nonno (CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media)

Not a lot of great female super hero imagery out there. That needs to change!

Wonder Woman is a mind-set, it isn't about the uniform, and you shouldn't need an alter-ego you should be able to say at work that you are wonder woman. She is the only superhero in the justice league that is fierce and compassionate, she blends hard and soft power. It is the mom, the woman in the board room, the woman in the wheel chair. Featuring women in ads is good for business. 

All of us have superpowers, and we are all afraid of them. Own your superpower!   

Meet-Up with Madeline Di Nonno 
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