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Stop Liking. Start Doing.

Host: Pinterest     

Speakers: Tim Kendall (President of Pinterest)

How the right technology can help us stop liking and start doing. 

"We need to live beyond our devices instead of behind them."

Pinterest wants you to connect, not to consume. According Kendall, we have an addiction to our devices. Not saying I don't agree or anything. Apparently, we average three hours a day on our phones, we check them anywhere between 100-150 times a day, and the phantom ring has become a real thing  (thinking we feel a buzz or hear a ring that didn't actually happen). This has become a form of isolation. The more time you spend on social media, the more tension of who you are inside, the worse you feel. Here are some tools that Kendall gave us to prevent such isolation:​

  • Moment App: app that tracks time on phone 

  • "Focus on time well spent." When you are DOING, it is time well spent.

  • Be thoughtful about the content you create.

  • ​For a restorative experience: go to places you can't tell what year it is, no digital hooks.

Pinterest: Discover & Do the Things You Love


The Power of Storytelling to Touch People's Hearts
Speakers: Flavio Machado (CEO of SRCOM/FILMMASTER), Daniela Thomas (CD for Rio'16 Olympic Opening Ceremony), Vik Muniz (CD for Rio'16 Paralympic Opening Ceremony)

The creators of the 2016 Rio Olympics & Paralympics Open Ceremonies believe that there is only memory with emotion; if you want their minds...touch their hearts. Creating something timeless and unforgettable needs a strong concept and purpose.

The overall message of Rio's Opening Ceremony: 1. Tolerance 2. Resilience 3. Exuberance  4. A Warning (to the state of the environment and that everything counts)

Paralympics Opening Ceremony: make people re-think possibility and disability and break prejudice.


"Beauty can save the world." The Search for Beauty: beauty within, the spirit, the culture. Showing the beauty of the country while also respecting Brazil's political and economic crisis was the key to the world's hearts.  

How they did it:

1. A Strong & Single Message

2. Soulfulness

3. Gambiarra: workarounds, or improvisations that people do to overcome problems.

Most of all -- unpreparedness leads to emotion.

The Power of Boredom: How Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary
Host: Cheil Worldwide, CJ E&M
Speakers: Tschaik (Sang-Gill) Lee (EVP of CJ E&M), Seojin Lee (Actor, Hook Entertainment), Wain Choi (SVP and CCO of Cheil Worldwide), Yungsuk Nah (TV Producer and Director of CJ E&M)

Boredom: repeating something over and over. People think this needs to be avoided, but why?

There is a TV show that is popular because of its mediocrity. The concept of the TV show is to make 3 meals a day, nothing more. A group of people are put into a farming house in the country and must use their resources to create 3 meals a day. As time went on, they were able to make more complex dishes. What is Ordinary? Another show about eat, play, and sleep. But what makes it extraordinary? People have grown tired of sensational content and are deeply moved by the ordinary and boring everyday life. They want a REALISTIC FANTASY, harmony but cacophony. Something that is just in reach.  

To look for extraordinary, all it takes is a turn of your head. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary: The Warmest Ad in the World

Storytelling in the Dark
Host: Wondery, A Network of Storytellers
Speakers: Hernan Lopez (Founder and CEO of Wondery), David Rheinstorm (Host, Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape)

Focusing on auditory and sensory information while using the most advanced form of virtual reality: our imagination.


When there is a story combined with visuals, people assume the emotion comes from the visual. But visuals alone lack feeling and limits your imagination. However, auditory alone allows you to use your imagination.

Blindfolds went on the entire audience and we listened to a handful of stories, purely audio to capture emotion. There was a graphic scary story (which I did not like) and a heartfelt story about 2 men who rescue and adopt a baby they found on the subway. This is more my kind of virtual reality. Could have used some puppies though.

Meet-Up with David Creative @ Happy Hour 

We had a meet up with David Creative who are based in Miami.


We had Rosé on the beach (how fancy) and chatted with the David Creative Team about the campaigns they have going on at the moment, as well as the work they were in Cannes to receive Lions for.

Here is some of their work from this year:

Google Home of the Whopper

Scariest BK

Pass the Heinz

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